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About us

VNV Logistics Express Ltd. is a transportation & logistics company that was established in 1989. It has been providing truckload (TL), less than truckload (LTL) and freight services, delivering to and from any point in between Canada and the United States.

We are working to cultivate a highest company culture with modern trucks and the best driving force. We are Focused on building profitable Logistics & Supply Chain Management solutions for our valued customers.

We strongly believe that every client deserves a carrier they can trust. Our employees are highly skilled and have years of experience. We understand your transportation needs and will help you to take care of your supply chain with professionalism and efficiency.  Your traffic services, rates, pick-up requests, tracking inquiries and billing are all fulfilled by people, who care about doing the best job for you.

We can match your freight with a reliable operator anywhere in the United States and Canada at competitive rates.

Thousands of customers choose us as a carrier that delivers on time, operates safely, and communicates pro-actively.

Call us now at 416-251-9100 for a free consultation!

24 hours support

+1 - 416-854-4431

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